Thursday, November 11, 2010

Three Words

Inspired by Three Word Wednesday


I traveled to the 
other side of the world
to escape you.

I collected treasures of 
sun-soaked beaches, 
delicate shells,
lust evening breezes,
peace of mind.

Yet, on those nights,
when I lay in cool sheets,
I think of your quiet gesture:
brushing my hair 
back from my face.
My memory's effect is immediate;
I forget to remember 
why I left in the first place.


  1. Life is like that - full of forgetting to remembering. Nice.

  2. The lust evening breezes... brushing back hair from the face...
    I love your memories (and understand why you forget what needs to be remembered)!

  3. That's how memory works, doesn't it? Look back, and wonder, "Why did I leave, anyway?" Nicely and delicately captured. Well done.