Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Three Word Wednesday

Between Two Worlds

She wanted to stress her youth
with the teal bow sitting pretty in her hair.
The languid fingertips holding a
piece of fruit, without a seeming
care in the world.

Yet, she took a slow,
deliberate bite of the juicy pear.
Nectar running down her slight fingertips,
which really weren't that indifferent, after all.

Her burning eyes on the
hazy figure in front of her.
Realizing that her youth and ripe maturity
would run a parallel course for only
so long.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

white blank page

~Her white blank page and a swelling rage

How I feel sometimes when I write...

Monday, February 21, 2011

magpie #54


My Puzzle

I can't believe I acted so surprised when
you chose her over me.

I expected my world to fall apart.
But it didn't, because
it was already in fragmented pieces.
Pieces from my broken smiles and
your broken promises.

Yet, I walked away.
Earth under my feet and
sun on my shoulders.

ever ready and ever steady,
to put it all back together once again.

Only I know where the
pieces of my life fit.

in the hopes of my writer's block ending...

Snow Falling

Outside, flakes fall like diamond chips,
hazy sunlight infusing their prisms with
iridescent rays.

There is a piece of coal, a shadeless form,
inside my heart.
And no amount of pressure will
turn it in to a
precious stone.