Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mag 44

Ode to Childhood

Take me back to a time,
all bundled up in
warm snowpants and mittens,
admiring the freshly fallen snow.

A time where I would
gather my brother up,
chubby cheeked with envy-evoking dimples,
and bring him outside.

A time where would we
take our metal rail sled
that belonged to our
mother when she was a girl
and push it the road,
each of us taking a side.

A time when we 
would sled down
our grandparents' quiet road,
a steep hill, perfectly inviting
for a good sleigh ride.
We didn't think of the danger,
only the fun.

A time where my little brother
would sit in front of me
while I steered the sled with my feet.
The wind whipping our
faces as we flew down
the snow covered road.

We'd reach the bottom
by colliding into a snow pile
made by the plowers.
We would laugh,
brush off the snow,
and run back up without care.
We had so much energy
back then.

Take me back to the time
when life hadn't touched
my brother and me.
Where all we cared about
was having the perfect
sleigh ride on a perfect
winter's day.

Magpie Tales


  1. Well written; had a Robert Frost-y feel to it.

  2. I really enjoy the sensory appeal and wondrous tone of your poem.

  3. Brought back memories of the wind in our faces. Oh and yes the trek back up the hill. Made for a race for sure. Blessings. Great job.

  4. beautiful sentiments,
    well put,
    memories are sweet and strong,
    keep calling and keep smiling.

  5. Beautiful message....lovely memories! :-)

  6. You painted a picture of a part of childhood, wonderfully. No cares. I love the lines 'when life hadn't touched my brother and me'.