Wednesday, October 13, 2010

inspired by indian lake


The path before me is lined
by withering birches and
carpeted with leaves of
crimson and gold.

It meanders toward
the shore.
The water lapping
gently at my feet.

If I look far enough,
I can see the horizon,
lined with peaks and possibilities.
Possibilities that seem infinite.
Yet, here I am
on the rocky shore.
Limited by how far my
feet can go.

My feet stop at the
clear blue water,
but my thoughts
quietly guide me
to the promises of the horizon
and what lays beyond it.

The sun's rays
dance on the water's calm surface
and envelope me in a warm embrace.

I smile.
And I wait.


  1. i love this, all of it. you are a poet.

  2. thank you thank you thank you, mrs. m!

  3. What a beautiful one..
    Kim, you write so beautifully.. :) Hugs

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  5. Image is a very beautiful one..