Thursday, October 7, 2010

journaling saves prompt: "i don't want to write about..."


Enduring the Night

The keen sense of
my solitude stings,
piercing the foundation
I've built for myself.

The quiet emptiness of the night,
with words left unsaid,
were once a comfort.
But that which comforts you
can cage you in the end. 

My loneliness is
crowding the spaces in 
my heart. 
Which leaves no room for
the possibility of
someone or something new
to burst in.

I'm waiting, hoping, 
that the familiar pangs
will heal on its own.

But for now,
I remain with my 
constant, quiet companion.

And endure the night.


  1. i have been in this place, sometimes even inside of a relationship.
    that which comforts you can cage you in the end.
    i love this line, love it.
    and it will come, that love. it will.

  2. love is all around me, in different forms. the type of love i'm looking for may not be here, but it's the hope that someday it'll arrive...